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Time efficiency

Time is a very valuable resource, if not the most valuable. Thus, it is imperative to be time efficient. Using the right tools for the right job / problem is the beginning, being able to choose from a variety of tools for a multitude of problems and using them in the most efficient way is the final form.

Over on my medium, I've made a few posts about the tools that I use to solve uncommon, but otherwise annoying and very common problems.

Tools like The command line, vim, grep, sed, awk or tmux do accelerate my work-flow significantly when compared to a few years ago, before having implemented these.

Energy usage

The digital nomadic life, coupled with aspects of minimalism, a scalable style of living is found. Not only transverses this into an approach for technological development, but it can also be applied to sociological foundations.

Concepts like the venus project, shared / access economy, hydrogen economy and basic income are a good start for a imagining post-scarcity society's, without compromise between democratic and communistic aspects or the loss of capitalism.

When having another look at my goals, it can be seen to align with the assumption of reaching post-scarcity society's in our lifetimes. Thus, similarly as spacex aiming to accelerate the development towards multi-planetary life, some of my goals clearly aim at accelerating development towards post-scarcity.