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About me


I am Ty, a student coder who enjoys hacking on things, creating interactive open source software and building solutions to problems. In the research apartment in London, I do experiments on self-resilience using tech solutions.

I focus on alternate power solutions, decentralisation and democratisation, artificial intelligent assistance and much more revolving around technology.


  1. Maximise enjoyment of life through identification of happiness creating stimuli.
  2. Reach post-scarcity as a civilisation.
  3. Build planet scale non green house gas producing energy plant.
    1. Create a planetary spanning energy storage and distribution system.
      1. Reach level one kardashev civilisation.
    2. Develop environmentally sustainable products and practices.
    3. Minimise pain and suffering.
  4. Facilitate the creation and acceleration of arts & sciences.

For more information on my goals, have a look at my mission statement.

A more general goal overview

Having studied business management with focus on entrepreneurship and management, the combination of technical skills, knowledge about STEM and the studied area to create unexplored ventures is the goal.

Technology and ideas around it may be cool, but merely existing in imagination useless. That's why I tend to think about minimum viable solutions regarding implementation of technologies for business opportunities.


You can find the source code and files to all of my projects over on my Github page. Pull requests are welcome. If you find any errors in any of my code, this website or over on my Github, please report it, by having a look at this website's .well-known/security.txt or view it here.

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