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What is Adid?

Adid is an app that connects people.

Adid's goal is to dissolve the barrier of exchanging contact details. Traditional contact exchange and sharing methods, such as business cards, oral transcription or manual typing are not private, convenient or contemporary. With Adid the whole process of exchanging contact information, names, phone number, email, Instagram account name et cetera takes ~1-3 seconds. Go ahead and try typing or dictating all that into your contacts app in less than three seconds.

How it works

Simply enter all the contact information you wish to share with someone and the app generates your personal qr code, ready to be scanned at all times. You scan that qr code with a qr code scanner (if you have an iphone, you can use its native camera) and your phone will ask you to save the scanned code's data in your contacts app.
The scanning process works without having to have the Adid app installed. It's agnostic. Adid uses standardised protocols and markup formats for encoding people's contact data. Thus, you could scan an Adid generated code with, like 90% of all devices and expect full functionality, even a 1990's device.

Convenience, Security & Speed

The barrier to connecting should be as low as possible. Adid is built upon the three values of convenience, security and speed, effectively lowering barriers to connections. When there is a connection to be shared, non-functioning tech or other barriers are unacceptable.

Private & Secure, please!

To be joked about, but yet so vital to some services. Contact information, corporate or private, is possibly the most vital data to be secured, besides banking information maybe. Thus, not sending them unencrypted via the web or storing them as such seems idiotic. Encrypting traffic end-to-end and storing fragmented at secure sites is better. Not involving any internet traffic at all, keeping all data on the device and not storing them anywhere other than your own device is what Adid does.

Speed and convenience are ensured by outsourcing all tedious tasks associated with contact info exchange to machines. Computer vision algorithms take care of decrypting data that encoded in a qr code. All of that done in less than 3 seconds is what I'd call quick and convenient.

Open Source Software

I am a firm believer in the collective benefits of open source and as such built Adid with that concept in mind.
Human connections and connecting with each other shouldn't cost a dime, that is why Adid is 100% free and ad-free.

Adid works offline!

Adid is fully functional without requiring internet access. Not only the code generation side of the process, but also the scanning and importing into the contacts app works offline. This makes Adid a perfect tool for remote areas and decentralised usage. The aspect of decentralisation is a main pillar for Adid's value concept.

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Here is the full visual overview of the app in a design document. I also used this document for university, thus the markup and specific language.

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[ Visual Document ]